Website Design Services

Need a new website or some editing done to your existing site? Want to rise up in the search engines? I can optimize your text and website meta-tags and submit your website to all the major search engines, and build links in the minor ones.

Do you need photographs made and edited, listings on Amazon, Ebay or a shopping cart incorporated into your website? I have experience with the shopping cart 1shopping cart.net, Volusion or can quickly learn yours to edit anything you need done.

Computer or Ipad Repair or Tutoring in your home

I can come to your home and help you learn and navigate your computer or iPad and the programs on it, or recommend some. My rate is $40 per hour.

If you are in the area of The Villages, FL, I also can pick up your computer to remove malware and viruses if you are having a problem. Some scans take a few hours and I run at least 4 different programs and reset all browsers to make sure your computer is thoroughly clean. 

Having trouble navigating Windows 8 or 10? Download the program “Classic Start” on http://ninite.com for free!!

There are many other useful programs on ninite.com that can save you time and a headache, such as Avast Antivirus, and Malwarebytes Premium, which I highly recommend purchasing the premium version that now blocks ransomware. I can help you to install and show you how to run them to keep your computer clean.

Pictures are easily moved from your iPhone or Ipad to your computer I will show / assist you in doing it. Pictures and files are also easily moved to your new computer.

Have a virus and want to clean it yourself? Want to try and tackle this on your own? Learn more about computers? Back up your files on a portable drive?

Go to the Village Computer Club if you are a resident and check out the presentations on their website here: http://www.thevillagescomputerclub.com

Not all viruses are removable, in which case files need to be backed up and checked for infection before reinstalling Windows and all the drivers.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Jeannine, Question from Margaret (Mary Stefano’s friend) and VCC member: I recently upgraded to Win 10 ver 1903 and setting it to my convenience.
    Have you experience with the Quick Shut down button, ie.
    shutdown.exe -s -t 00 (spaces between -s and -t and 00
    (zeroes). Then save with appropriate name. And then one could select a proper icon, such as the red shut-down button from the Windows Icons List. This could then be tacked to the Taskbar for easy one-click shutdown. And the similar re-start could be made from Shutdown.exe (sp) -r (sp) -t (sp) 00 (not sure if this should be one or two zeroes in the re-start.
    I’m getting various conflicting research results. One was to use the shutdown. /s /t 0 Using the forward slash.
    I don’t want to mess up something that isn’t broken. These were working in Win 7, and some say they still work – OR that they work AGAIN. Any input greatly appreciated. I hope you’re doing well. Margaret

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